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Festivals, Fireworks & Events

All the cities and regions of Kansai are absolutely alive with festivals, from charming local events to massive celebrations attended by hundreds of thousands of people. And fireworks – oh, the fireworks! There are fantastic displays of pyrotechnics where the entire sky is lit up in a magnificent rainbow of shimmering stars and thunder shakes the ground beneath our feet. There are so many wicked fun events!

Goldfish Scooping (Nara)

  Believe it or not, goldfish scooping (金魚すくい, 金魚掬い Kingyo-sukui) is a national sport in Japan. Although, while national, it should be noted that it’s mostly done in the prefecture of Nara, in which it is famous. Visit Yamatokoriyama City for events. Wikipedia (Goldfish Scooping) | Yamatokoriyama City Site | Wikipedia (Yamatokoriyama) Access   Practice Center …

Kobe Luminarie

  The Kobe Luminarie (Official Website | Wikipedia) is an annual Christmas illumination. It’s probably the most famous and most visited in …