Kibune River Beach


Lying up in the hills of north Kyoto, this river is a far cry from the touristpacked streets of the city. The currents up here are gentle as the river winds through the hillside, its rugged banks consisting of boulders big enough to accommodate family-sized picnic blankets. Although narrow, the river is great for a paddle and in some areas is deep enough for an invigorating plunge. After a well-deserved dip, it’s worth checking out the picturesque village just a short walk up the road.


From Gion-Shijo station, take a limited express on the Keihan line to Demachiyanagi. Transfer here to the Eizan Dentetsu line to Taragaike and then transfer again to the Eizan Dentetsu- Kurama line. Alight at Kibuneguchi and follow the road, which travels parallel to the river going upstream into Kibune village.

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