Suma Aqualife Park & Aquarium



Kobe’s Suma Aqualife Park is an aquarium next to Suma Beach. There are plenty of tanks full of wonderous marine life, as well as some larger, outdoor exhibits with seals and sea lions and even dolphins which you can pet!

There’s an underwater tunnel, a live fish show, an otter show and a dolphin show. A Touch Pool lets visitors actually feel the marine wildlife (well, not the sharks). There’s also a rooftop plaza and some interactive areas. Aqualife Park is surrounded by the Suma Seaside Park area and literally next to Suma Beach.

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Sumakaihinkoen Station. Exit the station on the sea side and walk towards the ocean. You’ll come to a highway. Turn right. You’ll see the distinctive pyramid shape not far away on the other side of the highway.

Editorial Review: 😃

This is a great place for families or with kids. It also makes a nice date spot. If it’s summer, the park and beach are both relaxing additions. And, if you walk to the other end of Suma Beach, there’s a really nice hike starting at Sumaurakoen Station. It’s easy to make a day of the area.



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