Kobe Chinatown



Kobe Chinatown (Official Website | Wikipedia) is a blaze of Chinese red within the international city of Kobe. Unlike the only two other Chinatowns in Japan (Yokohama and Nagasaki), it is by far the most colorful. There are many restaurants and plenty of shopping as the area caters to many tourists.

Sightseeing aside, let’s get straight to the stomach of the matter: the food is AMAZING. A lot of foreign food in Japan is ‘watered down’ to suit Japanese tastes. Not so here. In Kobe Chinatown you can get real, authentic Chinese food. It’s delicious.


Motomachi Station. Or, a bit of a walk from Kobe-Sannomiya Station.

Editorial Review: 😃

It’s probably the best place to go in Kansai for Chinese food. That alone is reason to visit regularly.


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