Minoh Falls



Sometimes spelt Minoo, Minoh Falls (Official Website) is the jewel of Meiji no Mori Minō Quasi-National Park (Wikipedia). There’s a leisurely, paved walk from the station all the way to the famous falls. It’s beautiful and not a challenging hike. Along the way is an Insect museum with many beautiful living butterflies and other creepy crawly things. There are picnic spots and restaurants but the trail itself is mostly nature.

The trail can be walked day or night; the night illumination gives the place a very different feel. The waterfall itself is lit up on occasion at night.

Minoh Falls is beautiful any time of year, but has distinct looks in both the green height of summer and the multicoloured splendour of the fall season as trees turn shades of yellow and red.

Real hiking begins from a side trail and behind the waterfall. Nothing strenuous; some nice forest paths that are often used for trail running.


Minoo Station on the Hankyu Minoo Line


Trail Map


Editorial Review: 😍

This is a beautiful nature walk any time of year. Anyone can go without worrying about the physical strain. And yet, there’s a back-country area with some lovely trails that can easily add to the trip.

Definitely check Minoh Falls out for their special illumination events.


Main Trail
Insect Museum
Back Country Trails


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