Mount Ibuki (伊吹山)



Mt. Ibuki is a bald turtle-shell shaped peak located near the city of Maibara on the eastern shore of Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest fresh water lake. It’s famous for wildflowers, and the panoramic view from the summit is nothing short of spectacular, if you are lucky enough to have a cloud-free day.




From Kyoto, take the JR Tokai line to Maibara station, changing to a local train bound for Ogaki. Get off at Omi-nagaoka (近江長岡) and change to a bus bound for Ibukiyamatozanguchi. (伊吹山登山口). You can also approach from Nagoya. Click here for the bus schedule. When accessing this page click on 平日 for weekdays, 土曜 for Saturdays, 日曜 for Sundays, and 祝日for National holidays. You can also reach the trailhead by bus from Nagahama (長浜) station, but it’ll take a bit longer than the other bus. Click here for that bus schedule. From the bus stop, walk up the road past the shrine, and you’ll see the trail leading into the forest.

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