Mt. Bunagatake (武奈ヶ岳)



Mt. Bunagatake is a day hike in Shiga Prefecture and is the highest peak in the Hira Mountains. It’s connected to a network of trails so you can turn this into a multi-day adventure. Also, there appears to be more than one trailhead. (If anyone can clarify the accesses listed below, please contact us.)




Access 1: A bus runs to Gulliver’s Village (ガリバー青少年旅行村) via the JR Kosei Line (湖西線) from Omiimazu Station (近江今津駅) in Takashima (高島市). The bus runs only Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and during the summer holidays (mid-July through the end of August). The bus runs every 25 minutes and costs ¥220 one-way. The earliest bus leaves the station at 9:04.

The trail begins at the parking lot of Gulliver’s Village (ガリバー青少年旅行村) and follows a service road for about 10 minutes before reaching the actual trailhead. There are a few “courses” marked out around this lower area (labeled A-D) that you can also explore.

Access 2: From Kyoto (京都) station, take a local (普通) JR Kosei line (湖西線) train bound for Ohmi-Imazu (近江今津) or Tsuruga (敦賀). Get off at Shiga Station, 36 minutes from Kyoto Station.


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