Suma Beach



The biggest, most popular beach in the Kansai region. Tons of parties, with restaurants and bars located right on the beach.

At one end of the beach is Sumaura Koen, which is the starting point for a nice little hike through Kobe city and some beautiful views. If you spend half the day on the beach, that hike is a nice way to spend the other half.

At the other end of the beach is Suma Aqualife Park (aquarium). You can touch dolphins and watch sharks, stingrays and seals play in the water.

Suma Beach, like most beaches in Japan, has an official season. During this season the beach is adorned with an array of temporary restaurants, bars and even dance clubs. Barbecue, ice cream and ice cold beer are always on hand. There are plenty of buff guys ready to show off their charm and muscles, and lots of cute girls in bikinis with a ready smile.

While people freely move anywhere on the beach, there are generally areas which are favoured by some groups over others. There are sections dominated by foreigners, families, young Japanese and older crowds.



Suma Station on the JR Kobe Line/Sanyo Main Line (it’s right outside the station). This section of the beach is generally dominated by youthful Japanese.

The foreigner and a family-dominated parts of the beach, as well as Suma Aqua Park, are more easily reached by Sumakaihinkoen Station, also on the JR Kobe Line/Sanyo Main Line.

Editorial Review: 😍

Suma Beach has everything from quiet stretches to crowds. It’s easily accessible and has a ton of facilities. If you want to party or people-watch or meet new people, it’s the best beach in Kansai.

The sand could be nicer (if the city bothered to clean and maintain it, like they should) and the water could be cleaner (the bay houses a massive commercial port or three, and the city doesn’t bother to sweep litter and debris). But still, it serves very well for a regular beach hangout.


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